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TCD Contact ListUpdated 4 months ago

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Toll-Free: 1-844-603-4743
General Information506-446-36383[email protected]More Info!
Sales506-446-36381[email protected]Sign Up!
Shipping and Logistics506-446-36822[email protected]More Info!
Customer Support506-446-36955[email protected]Get Support!
Solar System Inquiries506-446-37041[email protected]Free Quote!
Our Guide!
Solar System Support506-446-37041[email protected]Get Support!
Troubleshooting Tips - TBA
Tankless Water Heater Inquiries506-446-36381[email protected]Selection Guide!
General Appliance Inquiries506-446-36383[email protected]More Info! - TBA
Cinderella Support506-446-36955[email protected]Get Support!
Franchising Inquiries506-446-36854[email protected]More Info! - TBA
Accounting Inquiries506-446-30396[email protected]More Info! - TBA

We Love to Help our Customers

The Cabin Depot™ is passionate about providing excellent customer service. Although well-known for our friendly, honest and knowledgable team - even the best of us need help from time to time 😉 Help us, help you 😎 

Before requesting technical support, please use the checklist below to help expedite any potential warranty claims that may arise. Our support team can provide troubleshooting steps, tips and tricks along with providing assistance to file a claim.

Feel free to send ALL warranty claims to [email protected] to have step-by-step instructions to submit a claim. 

*All merchandise is subject to the manufactures warranty and will be repaired or replaced per the manufacture's directions. The Cabin Depot™ is a retail business and does not employ installers. However, we are very happy to assist customers having issues by reaching out to the manufacturer on the customer's behalf if needed to help expedite the troubleshooting or warranty process.

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